You Can Send Marijuana to the CA Democratic Convention

In a civilized democracy, a limited amount of control over our personal lives is ceded to maintain public order. The line between how much control we are willing to cede to obtain a certain level of order is constantly being pushed one way or another, but since 1974 and the advent of the War on Drugs the line has been pushed toward more control and ironically less public order – the exact opposite of what we were told would happen if we would cede more control to the cops. 

With marijuana the majority of Americans now agree that the line has been pushed too far resulting in disastrous consequences for our nation costing enormous amounts of our treasury and destroying the lives of our citizens, especially those of color. 

Americans are seriously contemplating going back to the way it was before marijuana was illegal - or at least some variation of the way it was.  Law enforcement does not want that to happen as it means a significant loss of money essential to their ability to control our lives. They will not give up that control easily. Would you?

Returning marijuana to a legal status and thereby regaining a modicum of control over our own lives is a message that resonates and one we need to get out to the public. Based on the polls we have been doing an admirable job of it.

The American populace now understands the foolhardiness of marijuana prohibition. Now we need to get this information to those who have the knowledge and skill to do something with it.

From March 7 to 9 a lot of THOSE PEOPLE will be at the 2014 California State Democratic Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It will be an exciting convention as 2014 is an election year for all state offices from the governor to local state assembly members. Everyone from Gov. Brown on down will be there.

If we are ever to have an impact, these people need to see marijuana people just like they need to see black, brown, gay, Latino, disabled, middle class, poor and other people who all look to the Democratic Party to help them petition the government for a redress of their grievances.

The Brownie Mary Democratic Clubs of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties provides us the golden opportunity to do just that – that is of course if we support the Democratic Party and help pay for the convention by purchasing a First Ring in the Chairman’s Circle. This coveted position provides us with an unequaled opportunity to reach the 3,000 delegates and hundreds of elected officials that will be coming to the convention. Here is what being a member of the First Ring of the Chairman’s Circle provides: 

  1. Exhibit Hall Booth along with many other organizations affiliated and businesses aligned with the Democratic Party.
  2. Virtual banner with the BMDC logo and message presented in the Convention Hall and other meeting rooms.
  3. Inclusion in each delegate’s goodie bag of a green ribbon for the delegates to wear and an informational brochure about the BMDC and the issues surrounding medical and recreational marijuana. 

Obtaining this level of accessibility to educate and influence is not cheap but it is not costly either. The cost for the First Ring in the Chairman’s Circle is $2,500. Additional costs for materials to hand out, banners and other expenses are estimated to run from around $1,500 to $2,000 so our goal is $420 times 10 or $4200. 

Your financial support is needed here in the same way that gun owners support the NRA, environmentalist support Greenpeace and businesses support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.   This is Politics 101. If we are to participate in the big time, we need financial support do it. We don’t need a lot, but we do need $4,200 and we sincerely hope that the marijuana community can provide that.

You can give us this opportunity by donating to the special convention fund established by the BMDC of Riverside County to raise the $4,200 needed to obtain the booth, provide ribbons and info to 3,000 delegates - all presented in a professional manner that will showcase our arrival onto the political stage.

As a small token of our appreciation, a donation of any amount will receive one of the green ribbons specially made for the delegates to wear at the convention. 

Now here’s something special for a donation of $200 or more. The Democratic Party invites the public to attend the convention and see all the sights including the Exhibit Hall, many of the party meetings, party parties and other special events. However, to attend the main delegate convention at the LA Convention Center where the major speeches and presentations will be made, you either have to be a delegate or purchase an Observers Pass which costs $120 before Feb. 10 and $160 after.

Observer passes usually sell out. The purchase of a First Ring in the Chairman’s Circle provides us with a limited number of Honor Guest passes. For a $200 or more donation, you will receive an Honored Guest Pass which is kind of an Observer’s Pass on steroids and it’s good for the entire convention.

Whether you donate $200 or $2, every donation will help us reach our goal of $4,200. With the problems medical marijuana patients are having in California accessing medicinal marijuana yet the prospect of marijuana legalization seemingly just around the corner, having the ability to directly work with the core activists of California’s Democratic Party and the ability to directly interact with Democratic elected officials is an opportunity that must not be lost.

Everyone’s help is critical so please make a donation now. There are two ways a donation can be made. 

  1. Go to the BMDC website at  to donate by credit card.
  2. Send a check made out to Brownie Mary Democratic Club of Riverside County or BMDC of Riverside Co. and mail it to: BMDC, PO Box 739, Palm Springs CA 92263. When sending in the check please include the attached form which is required for any donations made to a political organization like BMDC.
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