Brownie Mary Democratic Club

Riverside, 1st Wednesday of every month, 6 pm
THCF Patient Center, 647 Main St., Unit 4D, Riverside

Palm Springs, 1st Saturday of every month, 11:30 am
Crystal Fantasy, 268 N. Palm Canyon Drive


Proposed deleted text is struck through like this.
Proposed new text is in brackets and in italics [like this]

These proposed changes will allow the Club to make endorsements of qualified candidates and intiatives independently of the Central Committee . It will also allow the Club to form committees more easily.



A.  If submitted at a General Meeting, the proposed amendment(s) shall be read at that time and such will constitute its first reading.
B.  If submitted between General Meetings, it (they) shall be placed on the agenda of the next General meeting for its first reading.           
C.  Not less than two weeks prior to the meeting where it is to be read for the second time, all members shall be provided with:

  • the exact text;
  • a written analysis of the likely consequences of its passage, written by the President

             or his designee; and

  • the date, time and place of the next General meeting where the proposal is to be 

            read for the third time, discussed, and voted upon.


Article VII. Committees

Section I. Committees Chairs

[Committees to form at the discretion of president or by majority of membership.] Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President[.][All members of BMDC are eligible to be members of any committee. Committees may not spend money without prior membership approval.] as follows:  Education and Publications, Political Action and Coordination, Candidate Recruitment and Support, Fundraising, Communications Get-Out-the-Vote and Nominating. Chairs of each Committee except the Nominating Committee shall appoint the other members of their committees.

Article VIII. Candidate Endorsement[s]

Section 1.  Endorsement[s]

The Club may support Democratic candidates in any partisan or non-partisan election only after such candidates have been endorsed by the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee.

[1.The Club shall endorse candidates or ballot measures only in compliance with Riverside County Democratic Central Committee by-laws and rules.
The Club shall endorse only registered Democrats. Non-Democratic candidates may be rated acceptable or unacceptable only if there is not a Democratic candidate in the race.
The Club president shall notify their membership at a club meeting, by email, or by post that endorsement consideration will be made for a particular race, or races, at least two (2) weeks prior to the endorsement consideration.
Endorsements become recommendations to the Riverside County Central Committee’s endorsement process.

Endorsement Process

 1. President shall appoint a Political Action Committee (PAC) early in the year. Meetings of PAC may be done via conference call.
2. All members in good standing for 90 days or more are eligible to be on PAC. PAC membership shall close 90 days prior to election.
3. PAC shall identify elections of high interest.
PAC shall draft questionnaires for candidates and attempt to conduct interviews of candidates, either in person or electronically, as needed. PAC shall research ballot measures. PAC shall vote to make recommendations to general membership for endorsements. PAC shall present recommendations to membership for approval in a timely manner.
Members shall vote on recommendations of the PAC and consider all eligible candidates for the Club’s endorsements. A member can move to accept the PAC recommended slate by acclamation.
To be eligible to vote for endorsements, member must have a paid membership for 10 days or more, or those with hardship waivers to have been members for 45 days or more.
Candidates & staff members are eligible to vote if they are paid members of the Club for 10 days or more.
Voting by email is permitted but it must be received by noon the day of the vote. Results of email voting shall be kept secret until after votes in person have been cast.
Candidates receiving a vote of 60% or higher shall be endorsed. The vote required is measured by all those eligible members present physically plus those who cast email ballots, not just those “present and voting.”
Candidates endorsed by the Club shall be informed that they are expected to use the name of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of Riverside County and to include it with all candidate literature which lists organizational endorsements and furthermore, candidates must be informed of RCDCC rules for use of Club’s endorsement. Endorsements and ratings by Club shall not be construed as the official ratings or endorsement of either the CDP or the RCDCC. Words to that effect shall be included and clearly visible wherever a chartered club’s rating or endorsement is referenced or made.]




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