Send a Marijuana Advocate to the 2016 Democratic Convention

Send a Marijuana Advocate to the 2016 Democratic Convention


Help Elect Coachella Valley medical marijuana and law reform advocate Lanny Swerdlow

to be a Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention


Come Vote for Lanny on Sunday, May 1, 2106

and come to our private party afterwards.

You must arrive between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

If you arrive after 3 p.m. you will not be able to vote.


Voting open to all registered Democrats in the 36th Congressional District (Coachella Valley from Beaumont to Blythe. If you are not registered or registered but not affliated with any Political Party, you register to vote and register as a Democrat right then and there.


Polling place:

Canyon Estates Clubhouse
2323 South Madrona Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Cross Streets/Landmarks: Cross: E Canyon Estates Dr.


Send Lanny to the city of Brotherly Love as a

 Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention


I am running to be selected as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention to be held July 25 – 28 in Philadelphia. I am running where I live in the 36th Congressional District which encompasses the area beginning in the west with Beaumont and extending down the entire Coachella Valley with the cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Indio and ending on the eastern edge of Riverside County at the city of Blythe.


The delegate selection vote is set for the oft-ignored international worker’s day holiday May Day – Sunday, May 1 beginning at 2 Canyon Estates Clubhouse, 2323 South Madrona Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264.


I need your vote if you live in the 36th Congressional District, I need you to let people you know in the District to vote for me and whether or not you live there, I need your help on the day of the vote to be at the delegate polling place with signs encouraging those who come to vote to select a delegate who will work with other elected delegates to make marijuana policy reform and ending the drug war one of the major issues supported by the Democratic Party in the 2016 election.


To vote you must live in the 36th Congressional District and be a registered Democrat. HOWEVER, if you are not a registered Democrat or even registered to vote, that is not a problem. You can register to vote if you are not registered to vote and if you are but not registered as a Democrat, you can change your registration to Democrat right there at the delegate polling place. After filling out the voter registration form, you will be able to vote to send me as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.


Whether you live in the 36th Congressional District or not, I can still use your help as I need sign holders and wavers encouraging people to vote for me. Two male delegates will be selected so although many people will be coming with only one candidate in mind, a large showing of supporters for my candidacy and the issue that I am running will convince a significant number to vote for me as well.


I have been endorsed by a number of 36th District residents including Suzan Wilkerson, Director of Region 19 for the Democratic Party, Greg Rodriguez, Democratic candidate for the 42nd Assembly District and Paul Krassner, political satirist and 60s icon. 

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The reason the rules say no personal attacks is that Lanny Swerdlow has very good reason to be afraid of what people can say about him. Heck, what they can SEE and HEAR him doing are pretty damning! This guy is an advocate for turning control of marijuana over to the corrupt Democratic Party Machine. Then people who cannot afford the high taxes and costs of The Adult Uses of Marijuana Act — IF it passes — will be forced back into the mafia-controlled black market.
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