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I was getting ready to sail north from South Carolina to a MMJ friendly state. Too many Southern Republican dominated old south states are enacting cheesy CBD only oil for a few limited patients, mostly children whose parents have moved their sick children to Colorado or Washington to obtain the low THC/high CBD oil that cures their children’s uncontrolled epilepsy like seizures. A ploy to make them appear as though they actually care, but really don’t because they all are keeping marijuana prohibition intact. Then I noticed that Ohio had a ballot initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol but there is some monopolistic language that guarantees the financial supporters of the signature drive 10 grow facilities which the limited number of retail stores would have to use as wholesale suppliers almost guaranteeing price fixing, keeping the prices high will only keep the black market intact. And if you want to grow your own, the initiative requires an Ohio State license for up to $50. No other state has that severe of restrictions now that Washington State has passed laws supplementing the voter’s initiative that legalized recreational marijuana allowing home grown gardens, something we Californian are supposed to be able to do based on Prop 215 but local city councils or County Board of Directors have successfully been able to undo parts of a prop 215 and SB 420. Unfortunately, there are many police departments that just can’t seem to get the facts right and get their city council members to enact growing bans which throws production back to the Mexican Mafia or other Black Market suppliers of questionable product quality.

Growers in Israel have been producing high THC and high CBD Marijuana strains for fifty cents a gram, that’s less than $255 a pound folks. There is no reason for prices to remain higher than the black market prices in the USA. Just some Counties in Northern California are expanding production capacity AND growing outdoors, many cities and counties in Southern California (except LA County) are banning all dispensaries or collectives creating dozens of delivery services that keep the prices high. In Riverside County, they banned all outdoor growing and closed down all the storefront collectives/dispensaries. But, I just noticed that some are beginning to open back up in defiance of those laws. I guess we’ll see what happens…

If Mexico were not having it’s drug wars, my Dad left a lot in San Felipe in his Trust that nobody else wanted. I would love to Summer in Washington State or Alaska and winter in San Felipe. I an dumping my Dad’s home in Riverside because of the continued prohibition of marijuana as it alleviates most of my medical issues allowing me to live life out of bed and not full of opiates that dull the pain and also dull the mind as well. Since Mexico has decriminalized small quantities of all drugs treating then as a health issue as they should be instead of criminalizing them as the US government did during prohibition to get some of the jobs Mexican migrant workers had been doing since the time California was still part of Mexico, to make jobs for the masses of unemployed during the Great Depression. All it takes is an executive order by Obama, the Attorney General, or the FDA to remove cannabis from schedule 1 (absolutely no medical use??? The US government has patents on the medical use of marijuana) and OUR drug war will be over. If someone has an issue with their recreational drug if choice (Alcohol and tobacco are the most deadly) they can seek treatment rather than languish in federal prison for life as many ex-marijuana users are.

As doctors in Southern California will not allow medical marijuana patients access to pain management programs, and after 4 years of openly using medical cannabis while receiving opiate pain management at Loma Linda University Medical Center Pain Management Clinic and suddenly Dr. Strum nonchalantly decides (or most likely was forced by the DEA) to abandon opiate dependent patients who use medical cannabis. Since I was unable to find a new pain management doctor who did NOT screen for PAST medical cannabis use (I was still testing positive after abstaining from cannabis for two months and having to go to the Emergency Room for Pain Management and withdrawal symptoms to get immediate shots of morphine and a few days supply of hydrocodone as I tried to find a reasonable pain management doctor), I was forced to agree to a Spinal cord stimulator trial in exchange to get prescription for Suboxone, a buprenorphine / naloxone medication used in opiate dependency mostly for addicts (because of the naloxone that blocks opiates) but still supplies buprenorphine, a modified opiate agonist, that was developed as a pain medication but currently used (at least in SoCal) for opiate abuse treatment or pain management for medical cannabis patients. It is like forcing pain management patients to use Methadone, which is actually happening nationwide as we struggle with a federal government that has lost touch with the electorate which overwhelming supports medical cannabis AND legalization by a slightly less majority.

I pray that within a month or two I will be completely off opiates (after 7 years) because of the problems finding a doctor that isn’t afraid of the DEA ’ S empty threats. No doctor has been prosecuted for treating a pain management patient with opiates if they also use medical cannabis in states that have passed lo was allowing it’s use for medical purposes. I can see how empty that threat is by listening to what our President or Attorney General says or what they have done in states that gave legalized recreational marijuana for adults. Nothing. The US government is waiting for a majority of the state’s to pass laws in order to amend our Constitution instead if undoing their crazy laws like the “War on Drugs”!
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