Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade

MAPP and BMDC were definitely a hit at the Palm Springs Pride Festival. From the raucous and non-stop cheers along the parade route as our contingent passed by to the thousands of people who visited our booth at the festival, this was definitely a community that supports ending marijuana prohibition.

One of the most successful new features at our exhibit booth was a Wheel of Fortune where festival attendees could spin and win everything from a glass pipe to a copy of Chris Conrad’s excellent booklet Cannabis Yield and Dosages. People would line up to spin the wheel giving us the opportunity to ask them if they are registered to vote and if not, register them right at the booth.


We would remind everyone, that come Nov. 2016, there will be a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot and they need to vote for it and to get their friends, family members, co-workers and that strange person down the street to vote for it.

Almost 200 people signed up to receive our newsletter to keep informed on what is happening to the marijuana movement and hopefully become motivated enough to actually come to one of our meetings and join up.

The after pride party was lots of fun with good food, good vibes and good pot – the first time we have ever done anything like it.

I would like to thank Lori, Barbara, Ron, Craig, Cheri, Shawna, Mitchel, Sunny, Patricia, Victor and all the others that joined us in the parade and helped staff the booth. It was the biggest and best PS Gay Pride event ever and we were proud to be a part of it.







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