Brownie Mary Club Represents at the California Democratic Convention

There’s been a really nice article written about the BMDC going to the Democratic Convention. Check it out at:

It’s nice that someone is taking notice as there is a lot going on in the Democratic Convention that should be of major interest to us i.e. the virtual slew of candidates holding open meetings to hear our concerns and oh yeah seek our support of their candidacy.

I know some of you are planning on going into Los Angeles for the convention and I look forward to seeing you at our booth. If you are going, or even if you are just curious, the BMDC of Los Angeles, Riverside and Sacramento will be holding a conference call where those of us going to the convention can kind of synchronize our watches and see how many people we can get out to these meetings. This is an all too rare opportunity and we shouldn't blow it.

The conference call is on Thursday, March 6 at 7 p.m. Contact me for the call in details; email Lanny here.

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